Lift your craft
onto your boat

Launch, land and store your watercraft or RIB on your boat & Yacht. Complete with winch arm and fixing points.

Baybring is a smart davit system that allows you to bring your Jetski or RIB on-board. Your craft sits safely under way, yet allows for easy and quick launch and landing. With Quickrest from Baybring you get a better, safer and more fun boatlife. Versions available for max 300 kg and max 500 kg. Also available in a version for boats with a smaller platform, where the davit is extended out from the platform.

The davit can easily be removed when not in use to free up space. It then only leaves 2 fixing points which are gentle to feet and toes.

Why Baybring’s davit system?

When the craft is launched, the cradle takes up a minimum of space when placed vertical.

If you want more space, the cradle can easily be removed. It then only leaves two 5 mm fixing points with rounded corners, that are gentle to feet and toes.


The RIB or watercraft is launched in a matter of seconds. To easily launch and land the watercraft or RIB allows you to use it and the platform often, giving a better, safer and more fun boatlife.

Use on jetty

Baybring’s Quickrest can also be used on the jetty for easy mooring. With an extra fixing plate, Quickrest can quickly be moved between jetty and the platform on your boat.

Which Quickrest is right for your boat?

Our QuickRest system is highly adaptable and has already been installed on more than 60 models.

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